Practice Problems for Advanced Topics in General Insurance – ACTEX Study Guide by G. Stolyarov II

Practice Problems for Advanced Topics in General Insurance – ACTEX Study Guide by G. Stolyarov II

Practice Problems for Advanced Topics in General Insurance


Written by Gennady Stolyarov II, FSA, ACAS, MAAA, CPCU, ARe, ARC, API, AIS, AIE, AIAF


Published by ACTEX Learning

9th Edition: Spring 2024

Students preparing for Society of Actuaries Exam GIADV: Advanced Topics in General Insurance will benefit from Mr. Stolyarov’s book, Practice Problems for Advanced Topics in General Insurance. Three options are available for purchase. You can also see a free sample, including the Introduction and the practice problems from Section 1, here.

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Electronic Copy Available from ACTEX Learning for $119.

Comments from the Author: This book of practice problems is the most comprehensive culmination of my efforts to date, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with ACTEX Learning to bring all of these resources to candidates in one convenient compilation so that they will spend less time gathering problems from many separate sources. The Spring 2024 edition of this book is 607 pages long and includes 723 practice problems and full solutions. 502 of the problems/solutions are original creations of mine.

This book is structured to align precisely with the five syllabus topics and eight syllabus papers – each of which has a section of problems devoted to it. The following is a summary breakdown of what you will find:

  Problems by Source
Section (and Syllabus Paper) Original SOA CAS Total
1 (Mack) 21 20 5 46
2 (Venter) 22 20 5 47
3 (Clark LDF) 60 20 6 86
4 (Friedland Development Analysis for Excess Limits and Layer) 5 2 0 7
5 (Marshall et al.) 103 20 4 127
6 (Lee) 44 16 12 72
7 (Teng / Perkins) 19 2 9 30
8 (Friedland Reinsurance) 0 1 0 1
9 (Clark Reinsurance) 139 39 9 187
10 (Brehm/Ruhm) 18 3 0 21
11 (Gurenko et al.) 28 0 0 28
12 (Friedland Specialized Ratemaking Topics) 0 6 0 6
13 (Mango) 43 14 2 59
TOTAL 502 169 52 723

Each section presents all of the problems in succession, followed by the solutions at the end. You are encouraged to attempt each problem on your own and write down or type your solution, and then look at the answer key for step-by-step explanation and/or calculations. As this book is a learning tool, I have provided relevant citations from the syllabus readings for many of the practice problems. Also, I am not an advocate of leaving any problems as unexplained “exercises to the reader.” While each of these problems is intended to be an exercise for you, this book’s purpose is to show you how they can be solved as well – so give each of them your best attempt, but know that detailed answers are available for you to check your work and fill in any gaps that may have prevented you from solving a problem yourself.