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Compilation Created on April 1, 2013
Compilation Last Updated on June 7, 2014
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As a companion project to its Resources on Indefinite Life Extension (RILE), The Rational Argumentator offers a series of Open Badges on indefinite life extension, designed to encourage awareness, support, and study of the ideas that may save us as individuals from the supreme injustice of being sentenced to death. Some badges, such as the Supporter of Indefinite Life Extension badge, only require agreement with the feasibility and desirability of radically lengthening human lifespans. Other badges in this series require the reading of an essay and the completion of a quiz.

All Open Badges require a free account with Mozilla Backpack to earn, collect, and display.

The art for these badges was created by Wendy Stolyarov, whose work you can see here, here, and here.

As this is still a project in its early stages, The Rational Argumentator intends to develop and offer many additional Open Badges in the future. We welcome your own ideas for designing such badges – both in terms of the achievements for which they could be awarded and the technical infrastructure that would facilitate their easy, automatic awarding upon the attainment of specified criteria by the badge earner. Moreover, if you design any badges pertaining to indefinite life extension, please feel free to contact The Rational Argumentator and request their inclusion in this compendium. The eventual hope is for TRA to provide users with access to an entire curriculum and action program on indefinite life extension.

Longevity Appreciation

Longevity Appreciation – Quiz and Badge

Longevity is Justice

Longevity is Justice – Quiz and Badge

Longevity is Justice

Pascal’s Wager – Quiz and Badge

Longevity is Justice

“I-ness” Awareness – Quiz and Badge

Longevity is Justice

Enemy of Ruin – Quiz and Badge