Republican National Travesty – and What to Do Next – Video by G. Stolyarov II

Republican National Travesty – and What to Do Next – Video by G. Stolyarov II

The Republican National Convention was a farce, in spite of courageous actions by Ron Paul’s supporters, including the Nevada delegation which Mr. Stolyarov helped elect as a State Delegate.

The change of rules by the Republican National Committee turns the Republican Party into a rigid oligarchy, with no chance for grassroots activists and ideas rising to prominence.

Mr. Stolyarov expresses his thoughts about where friends of liberty should focus next. Breaking the two-party system and supporting Gary Johnson for President, while also working outside the political system to improve individual freedom through technology.


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One thought on “Republican National Travesty – and What to Do Next – Video by G. Stolyarov II

  1. Very good analysis. But I do not believe that if MR loses b/c of of votes going to Johnson or others that the GOP establishment will learn anything. 1) They are of the political class and do not want to genuinely change the system. That’s why in addition to shutting out Ron Paul they’ve also first co-opted and now marginalized the Tea Party. 2) As you certainly know from experience, many neo-conservatives prefer Obama to Ron Paul.

    I look at the election as a chance to minimize damage. IMO Obama and the democrats are currently a much greater threat than the GOP.

    But real progress in expanding liberty will come from economic, technological and social processes, NOT from electoral processes. If elections and political processes do anything in this regard, it will be simply to respond to and formalize advances made by civil society.

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