Light Quartet, Op. 62 (2009) – Video by G. Stolyarov II

Light Quartet, Op. 62 (2009) – Video by G. Stolyarov II

This composition’s harmonies resemble those found in music of the late 18th-century Classical period, while some of the devices used — including the lengthy trills for the flute and the harp — are more extensive than could be found in that era, as no human flute player could maintain a trill for as long as a computer program can. There are three basic melodies in this piece, and their orchestration is varied over time. The mood of the composition is light, cheerful, and playful — although, it is to be hoped, not frivolous.

This work, originally composed in 2009, has been re-mastered in Finale 2011 software for four parts: piano, flute, bassoon, and harp.

Download the MP3 file of this composition here.

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The artwork is Mr. Stolyarov’s Abstract Orderism Fractal 29, available for download here and here.

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