William James Sidis Biography – Video by Adam Alonzi

William James Sidis Biography – Video by Adam Alonzi

The New Renaissance Hat
Adam Alonzi
April 4, 2014

This video is an audio piece with a few pictures, a precursor to a larger collection of videos on history’s greatest geniuses, which Adam Alonzi has been planning for some time. The entire transcript can be found here.

Contribute to Mr. Alonzi’s Kickstarter project to fund his documentary series on history’s greatest geniuses. Just $500 of combined pledges can bring this highly promising series into being!

Note by Gennady Stolyarov II, Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator: I applaud this video – a good narrative with a thought-provoking message. What a shame that Sidis died so young and completely misunderstood by the general public – in spite of being intellectually active and immensely insightful all his life. Both in his time and now, people of exceptional brilliance are severely under-appreciated, as are attempts to push progress forward and extricate humanity out of the stagnation of mediocrity and the status quo.

I am a proud supporter of Mr. Alonzi’s Kickstarter campaign – and I encourage everyone to contribute to enable him to create his video series on genius. Any amount would help.

Adam Alonzi is the author of Praying for Death and A Plank in Reason. He is also a futurist, inventor, DIY enthusiast, biotechnologist, programmer, molecular gastronomist, consummate dilletante and columnist at The Indian Economist.

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