Waltz #11, Op. 83 (2016) – Musical Composition by G. Stolyarov II

Waltz #11, Op. 83 (2016) – Musical Composition by G. Stolyarov II

The New Renaissance Hat
G. Stolyarov II

A grand waltz for piano, cello, string section, oboe, and timpani, composed in the key of C# major, with interspersed major and minor passages. The two main themes are varied throughout the piece using different orchestrations and an increase in ornamentation.

This waltz was composed by Mr. Stolyarov on June 16-18, 2016, and is played using the Finale 2011 software.

Download the MP3 file of this composition here.

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Art Reference:
Abstract Orderism Fractal 67 by G. Stolyarov II – Available for free download here and here.

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