Caribou Coffee's Northern Lite Coolers: An Excellent Way to Cool Off During the Summer


G. Stolyarov II

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~ G. Stolyarov II, July 22, 2014

Avid drinkers of coffee will find a new and healthier way to cool off this summer as they head to Caribou Coffee. No longer do they need to worry about the consequences of regularly consuming coffee coolers that contain 400 or even 500 calories. Caribou Coffee's Northern Lite Coolers offer an excellent way to cut most of those calories, while preserving the taste.

The Northern Lite Coolers come in five different flavors: Vanilla, Coffee, Espresso, Chocolate, and Caramel. They are sugar-free and use skim milk instead of 2% milk. Compared with Caribou's regular coolers, the Northern Lite variety is virtually indistinguishable in terms of taste. I even suspect that the Chocolate Northern Lite Cooler is sweeter than its regular counterpart.

The prime advantage of Caribou's Northern Lite Coolers is their tremendously low calorie count; a large cooler only has 150 calories -- nearly a threefold decrease compared with the regular variety. If you enjoy exercising during the summer and then heading to your local Caribou Coffee shop to rejuvenate your energies and alleviate the sensation of heat with a refreshing coffee cooler, then you can stop worrying about nullifying the effects of the exercise by consuming a highly calorific regular coffee cooler! The Northern Lite Coolers provide the same refreshment, with none of the guilt.

Each Northern Lite Cooler contains the same three shots of espresso as Caribou's regular coolers. Be warned! This is not a drink to consume during the last hours of the evening for those seeking to get any sleep in the near future; just because the cooler is low in calories does not mean that it is not caffeinated. But for those who want an easy, healthy energy boost during the day, the Northern Lite Cooler is quite an attractive option.

Here are some ideas for how to enjoy a Northern Lite Cooler this summer. Take it with you while walking outside, especially during midday. Sipping on this frozen drink will guard you against experiencing some of the discomforts associated with the heat. Alternatively, you can drive to a beach, garden, park, or any other scenic location of your choice, take a seat, and observe the surroundings while sipping on a Northern Lite Cooler. Or simply sit in the coffee shop itself and enjoy Caribou's peaceful, inviting atmosphere -- an excellent place for conversation, studying, and contemplation during all seasons of the year. Pick a comfortable chair, sink into it, and entertain yourself with a good discussion or an interesting thought while you obtain energy for your day in a healthy, guilt-free manner.

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