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G. Stolyarov II

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~ G. Stolyarov II, July 22, 2014

I, for one, have never been fond of conventional baseball caps. While they protect against the sun, they also tend to inflict absolute chaos upon one's hair, especially on moist, humid summer days. Fortunately, there is an excellent summer headwear alternative: Country Gentleman hats. For summer caps and brimmed hats that display good taste, protect against the heat, and express one's individuality, Country Gentleman hats are hard to beat. I own several of them and have worn them outdoors on occasions as diverse as riding a bicycle and attending a formal event.

For those who enjoy wearing caps, Country Gentleman offers the cuffley, made of straw, as well as the guardsman cap from cloth. The cuffley cap has small holes in between the individual straws to enable your head to get exposure to fresh air and prevent sweat buildup, while still protecting against discomfort due to heat. The guardsman cap is made of a light fabric that also prevents the head from sweating excessively. It is easy to carry about and store; you can fold it every which way without fearing that it will get wrinkles or become bent out of shape. The Country Gentleman burlap-colored guardsman cap is my favorite piece of summer headgear, which has served me well for many years while remaining in impeccable condition.

The brimmed hat selection offered by Country Gentleman is quite extensive; two styles of planter hats, one gambler hat, an outback hat, and a sleek, ivory-colored safari hat. No matter which kind of gentleman one prefers to be, there is a hat to match! Each of these hats goes splendidly with a pair of khaki trousers and a button-up long-sleeved shirt made of light cotton or polyester fabrics. This constitutes a virtually universal summer outfit, good for going to one's workplace, enjoying some leisure time, or engaging in light exercise or manual labor.

Another excellent advantage of Country Gentleman hats is that you need not shift styles in between seasons. For virtually every spring/summer hat, Country Gentleman offers a fall/winter equivalent, made from a heavier fabric. The straw summer cuffley has a woolen winter equivalent: my favorite cold-season hat, which goes splendidly with a black coat and trousers. Country Gentleman also has a wide assortment of British wool and flannel caps, along with fall and winter versions of the outback and safari brimmed hats. Do not let the seasons dictate your style! If you like to wear a certain kind of Country Gentleman hat in the summer, you can readily find a winter equivalent that will keep you warm while expressing your personality in the same way.

All Country Gentleman hats are completely waterproof, meaning that you do not need to worry about destroying your hat by exposing it to rain. They are easy to pack wherever you go; if one accidentally gets squished, it can be adjusted back to its proper shape within seconds. While they offer all the elegance of traditional gentlemen's headwear, these hats offer none of the fragility or vulnerability. Better yet: these hats will never become outdated. While popular fads come and go, these styles have been around for at least 86 years, since Country Gentleman's founding in 1921, and many of the hats' designs date back to the late 19th century! A Country Gentleman hat can serve its user for decades and still remain just as timelessly elegant as ever.

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