“Death is Wrong” Rap and Book Giveaway #3 – Videos by Roen Horn

“Death is Wrong” Rap and Book Giveaway #3 – Videos by Roen Horn

This week I was delighted to find out that Death is Wrong is charting new territory once again.

This is the first rap inspired by a children’s book on indefinite life extension. Thank you to Roen Horn of the Eternal Life Fan Club!

LYRICS by Roen Horn:

I know a book that every kid should read.
Death is Wrong has the wisdom they need.

There is nothing worse than not being alive.
And if we find the cure aging then we CAN SURVIVE.

Death is wrong because life is right.
If we want to live forever , well, then we need to fight.

Death is our enemy and aging is our foe!
This book has truth that every child should know.

There is real hero named Aubrey de Grey.
If you wanna save lives, then he has the way.

Aging kills more people than any other cause,
but lucky for us we have our wizard of Oz.

Evolution doesn’t care if we live or die.
Once you get old, you’re just pushed aside.

Nothing’s gonna change unless we get mad.
If you wanna save yourself, your mom and your dad,

Here’s a little wisdom you won’t hear in church.
If you want eternal life, then we need aging research.

I think death is a FAILURE, and I don’t want to lose.
We should be able to live for as long as we choose!

The world should admit that aging really sucks.
Until we cure aging, we’re all like sitting ducks.

We have no time to waste, so let’s get busy like the bees.
We gotta make haste to avoid disease.

The cure is gonna come, but will it come in time for us?
Our eternal life is way too important to miss this bus.

Eternal life fans know that we have to persist.
Because our life is meaningless if we CEASE TO EXIST.


Roen has also done magnificent work giving away copies of Death is Wrong to children and filming the occasions.

Watch this skillfully produced video by Roen – the third in his series.

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